An Overview of the Bomb

Pocketz slots, developed by Hacksaw Gaming, are a growing library of games with minimalistic designs that work well on mobile devices. All of them up to this point have been cute, fun games with a surprising amount of bite. The Bomb, another seemingly inconspicuous slot with a €1 million payoff, maintains this pattern. Let’s take a look at some of the extras that keep players entertained while they’re trying to win the big prize.

A 5×5 grid forms the playing field for The Bomb, which takes place in a rocky, pink landscape. The Bomb has the most complex theme among all of the Pocketz games. Is it a nuclear test site, or do they just keep bombs there as a nod to gold mining? There’s a banjo in the backdrop, which makes me think of the Wild West, but none of the symbols have anything to do with the West. One of the studio’s main focuses with the Pocketz series is making games that work equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers, and this one doesn’t disappoint in either regard.

This also makes it possible to wager anywhere between 20 pence and $100 every spin on The Bomb, regardless of the device being used. There is no indication that larger bets have better odds of winning on The Bomb if you are only playing for the jackpot, which may affect your stake decision. However, the 95.17% RTP is somewhat lower than in prior Pocketz slots due to the jackpot, which is understandable given the size of the payout. It might be challenging to make progress when the volatility is strong and the values of tiny clusters are low. In particular, when attempting to obtain the aforementioned bonus symbols.

There are 9 standard pay symbols and 2 bonus symbols that make up the paytable. There are five low-paying shapes and four bomb types. Payouts for clusters of 5-6 symbols range from 0.10x to 1x the bet, while those for clusters of 15+ symbols pay out anywhere from 20x to 120x the stake. The wild sign can replace any other icon in the game with the exception of the bonus and TNT icons, for which it has no value. One wild card can play a role in more than one cluster at once.

Advantages of the Bomb

The jackpot is the game’s major appeal, but players also benefit from Mr. Bomb bonuses, free spins, and TNT boxes. The cascade process underlies everything. Each spin brings 25 new symbols to the grid, and the goal is to land groups of 5 or more of the same symbol. The cascade function is activated whenever a winner is achieved. When a player gets a victory, the winning symbol explodes and makes room for additional symbols to fill the empty spaces. As long as there are fresh winners on the grid, the cascade will keep going.

Watch out for the TNT containers. Any position on the reels is fair game for these commonly captured icons. When a cascade ends, the TNT boxes explode, clearing the board of any remaining winning symbols.

There is a Mr. Bomb meter located above the reels. Cascades earn players a portion of the meter toward a 500x payout. This function is activated by a sequence of 62 cascading symbols.

The game’s most profitable features are unlocked when you get three green barrel bonus scatter symbols anywhere in view. Cascading symbols, which may be rocks or mystery packages, make up the bonus game. Crates can be empty, contain jackpot symbols, or contain multipliers, while rocks do nothing. Both ‘add’ and’multiply’ multipliers in the range of 2×10 and above are possible here.

At the end of each round, the rocks are pushed out of the way to make room for the incoming crates. The game is ended when the grid is completely occupied by crates. Payment is determined by applying the multipliers to the entire wager. However, the bonus round will conclude with a million euro payout if five jackpot symbols are gathered throughout the feature.

Findings of the Bomb

You wouldn’t know such a simple little game could pay out so much money if the jackpot wasn’t included here. However, Hacksaw Gaming is no stranger to massive prizes, and The Bomb isn’t even their largest. In Haunted Circus, for instance, bettors may win up to €2 million. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, Hacksaw has been rumored to provide a €50 million fixed prize.

Of course, you’ll need a whole lot of luck to get lucky. This means that the great majority of participants will not be able to compete for the top rewards. Is there any hope for the rest of the match? It’s not terrible, it fits in with the rest of the Pocketz series, and it’s fun to watch. However, The Bomb is arguably the weakest of the lot.

One problem is that the theme just doesn’t work. Every part of games like The Respinners made sense within the context of the whole. It’s a little hard to follow at times in The Bomb. Sure, the minutiae don’t matter while you’re spinning for a million dollars, but they do matter.

The Bomb is also notable for its cyclical nature. The Mr. Bomb function is a tease, and the bonus games can come whenever they like. Perhaps you wouldn’t notice it as much if the topic were more engaging, but it does grow tedious after a time, and the simple visuals don’t help. Non-jackpot winnings of up to 5,000 times the stake are achievable during free spins, so the game still has a chance.

Although not quite as fun as the rest of the Pocketz games, The Bomb is still a good time. Even still, imagining five jackpot symbols appearing in the bonus game while riding a packed train to work makes one want to pump their fists. Naturally, the fist pump was done in silence so as not to bother anyone else on the train.